Script for detecting potentially vulnerable Log4j jars [CVE-2021-44228] on Windows Server

Update 2021-12-18 – This looks like a much more competent script for detecting this vulnerability and there is a python version for Linux: Updated 2021-12-17 – Script is v1.4 and looks for .war files now too Original post below Inspired by the one-liner here: I wrote a script to expand on the command, … Read more

How to (almost) automatically backup your Steam library

Update 2018-11-12 It appears a recent Steam update broke the way I was originally launching Steam via the scheduled task. I’ve updated the post accordingly with a different method of accomplishing the same task.   Original Post I recently started making an effort to make sure all of my digital purchases are backed up. Apps, … Read more

How to remove the NetApp Host Utilities hotfix check

  Update 2018-10-18 – Check out this comment. Looks like a much easier method than my MSI editing one.   Sick of the hotfix requirements for NetApp Host Utilities? Me to. On a test/dev server I have I’ve been experimenting with Veeam, iSCSI, ReFS and Server 2016. I wanted to run the NetApp Host Utilities … Read more