Is enabling SMB Signing on your NetApp a non-disruptive change?

We received the following alert from our ActiveIQ Unified Management Appliance (and a similiar one in ActiveIQ / AutoSupport): Alert from Active IQ Unified Manager: Advisory ID: NTAP-20160412-0001 You can find more details here: After reviewing it, fixing it seemed like a straight forward change but I wanted to know, is enabling SMB signing … Read more

How to remove the NetApp Host Utilities hotfix check

  Update 2018-10-18 – Check out this comment. Looks like a much easier method than my MSI editing one.   Sick of the hotfix requirements for NetApp Host Utilities? Me to. On a test/dev server I have I’ve been experimenting with Veeam, iSCSI, ReFS and Server 2016. I wanted to run the NetApp Host Utilities … Read more

Single Mailbox Recovery can’t connect to Exchange

Our AD structure contains three domains, one root domain ( and two sub-domains, one for servers/services ( and one for user accounts ( (Users live here) (Privileged IT accounts and Exchange live here) We are running into problems with NetApp Single Mailbox Recovery where it is unable to connect to the target … Read more

NetApp SnapManager for Exchange failing with VSS_E_WRITERERROR_RETRYABLE

Running into a problem with Exchange 2010, a FAS2240-4 and SnapManager for Exchange 7.1 where backups would randomly fail every now and then started failing consistently. Our DFM server would send us an e-mail when the failure occurred that looked like this: CLIENT APP ERROR Backup: SME Version 7.1: (111) on dora02 at Sun Sep … Read more

NetApp SnapManager for Exchange – Error Code: 0xc004146f

We use SnapManager for Exchange and NetApp Single Mailbox Recovery to backup our Exchange 2010 environment. We’ve noticed that randomly our backups will fail with a verification error. The backups are still good and the failure usually happens 2-3 times in a row and then doesn’t happen again for a month. NetApp has a KB … Read more