SolarWinds Web Helpdesk 12.7.2 post-upgrade problems

Recently after upgrading our WHD from 12.7.1 to 12.7.2 we started experiencing two issues that turned out to be related. Adding comments to tickets could generate an error stating: “Something went wrong. Please contact SolarWinds support for assitance or review the Web Hep Desk logs.” and when trying to upload attachments to tickets: “Your upload … Read more

How to (almost) automatically backup your Steam library

Update 2018-11-12 It appears a recent Steam update broke the way I was originally launching Steam via the scheduled task. I’ve updated the post accordingly with a different method of accomplishing the same task.   Original Post I recently started making an effort to make sure all of my digital purchases are backed up. Apps, … Read more

Patterson EagleSoft v18 crashing during auto-backups

We’re running Patterson EagleSoft v18.10.05 on a Windows 2008 R2 Standard server. We have auto-backup configured to run when ever the database starts up and to keep 14 backups: We have a scheduled task on the server that runsĀ “D:\EagleSoft\Shared Files\techaid.exe -stop” at 3:00am and then “D:\EagleSoft\Shared Files\techaid.exe -start” at 3:15am to trigger a nightly automatic … Read more