NetApp SnapManager for Exchange failing with VSS_E_WRITERERROR_RETRYABLE

Running into a problem with Exchange 2010, a FAS2240-4 and SnapManager for Exchange 7.1 where backups would randomly fail every now and then started failing consistently.

Our DFM server would send us an e-mail when the failure occurred that looked like this:

The backup failure would also knock the databases offline and require us to re-sync them the next day.

Digging into the SME logs we found the following:

NetApp provides this page for what they call “Common VSS errors”:

None of the suggestions there helped us.

In the end I found this forum post for a different product: and applied the registry edits they suggested here:

and then rebooted our Exchange server running SME.

Since making the change roughly 20 days ago we haven’t had a single failed backup.

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