Single Mailbox Recovery can’t connect to Exchange

Our AD structure contains three domains, one root domain ( and two sub-domains, one for servers/services ( and one for user accounts (

    • (Users live here)
    • (Privileged IT accounts and Exchange live here)

We are running into problems with NetApp Single Mailbox Recovery where it is unable to connect to the target mailbox for drag/drop restores. In the mean time we’re just exporting PST files and letting the user do the work.

We started with SMR 7.1 where you could specify connecting to all Exchange mailboxes instead of an individual users mailbox. We found we had to change the domain controller SMR was using to find the mailboxes to one of the DCs. By default SMR would select a DC in where Exchange and our privileged IT accounts are.

We’re running Exchange 2016 so there were other issues when trying to do a drag/drop restore so we had to upgrade to SMR 7.2 which added support for Exchange 2016.

SMR 7.2 removed the ability to open all mailboxes and specify a domain controller so we’re stuck again.

After opening a case with NetApp they confirmed this is a know issue and SMR 7.2.1 should resolve it:

Please note that after checking with additional resources from SnapManager for Exchange we confirm there is a known issue with this function, there will be changes to this in the next version of SMBR, the Next SMBR release and version 7.2.1 should come soon but I am afraid at this point there is no a workaround we can follow.

So now we wait.

If you’re really desperate for drag/drop and have an environment like ours you might be able to create privileged accounts inĀ and use them for the restores. That might work.

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