Google Maps not letting you sign-in on your Blackberry?

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2013-04-04 – People are starting to report Google authentication is working again!

2014-01-07 – Fixed Dropbox link, mirror should have still been working. People are reporting this issue is happening again. I’ve moved on to a Q10 so I won’t be much help this time.


Original Post

Today I was trying to build myself a custom map in Google Maps and then load it up on my Blackberry 9810 running Google Maps 4.5.3. When I tried to sign-in to Google Maps I was instantly signed out.

Some quick research online shows this is a known issue that Google has acknowledged on March 11th, 2013 but not fixed yet.

There is a work around I found online that few users have had success with (I was not one of them):

  1. Uninstall Google Maps 4.5.3
  2. Reboot your device
  3. Download Google Maps 3.0.1 ( (Mirror: GoogleMap-v3)
  4. Extract it and copy it over to your Blackberry
  5. Run GoogleMap-v3.jad and install it
  6. Launch Google Maps and accept the license agreement. If all you want is Latitude you might want to stop here until Google fixes 4.5.3 because the next step may or may not work.
  7. Go to and download Google Maps 4.5.3
  8. Restart your device if prompted. If not don’t worry about it.
  9. Launch Google Maps and see if you can stay signed in. Some people reported success with this method. I did not.


Since I wanted access to custom maps I’ve created and not Latitude this is what worked for me:

  1. Launch Google Maps 4.5.3
  2. Go to ‘Layers’
  3. Go to ‘More Layers
  4. Go to ‘My Maps’
  5. Sign-in
  6. The instant the ‘Signing In’ box dissappears repeat steps 3-5 quickly and tap your custom map

If you’re fast enough your custom map will load into Google Maps and remain cached. It took me a couple tries but I eventually got it.