Some users cannot login to new NPS based VPN server

Our environment previous used a Windows 2003 Server running RAS to offer our employees VPN. This server went away for multiple reasons and we built a brand new 2012 R2 server running NPS and RAS. Since switching over we’ve had a few employees unable to login to the new VPN server. They keep getting “Invalid … Read more

Powershell script to report on total send/received e-mails in Exchange v2.0

An updated and improved version of my old script from here. This script has been tested against Exchange 2016 CU4. I do not know if it will work against older versions of Exchange. The script can be configured to run as a scheduled task and it generates a e-mail report of users who have sent … Read more

DFS not working properly over VPN for personal computers

We recently switched to a new VPN server after Mac OS dropped support for PPTP and because we were way overdue to do it anyway. Since then personal computers were unable to access network shares via DFS. They could go directly to the file server and that would work. Users who connected to VPN with … Read more

Error 500 when downloading/accessing OAB in Exchange 2016

We’ve just finished migrating all of our users from a legacy AD forest with Exchange 2010 into a whole new AD forest with Exchange 2016. During the initial deployment of Exchange 2016 a new mailbox store was created, the existing system mailboxes were migrated (mailbox move) to the new store and the default Exchange 2016 … Read more

Single Mailbox Recovery can’t connect to Exchange

Our AD structure contains three domains, one root domain ( and two sub-domains, one for servers/services ( and one for user accounts ( (Users live here) (Privileged IT accounts and Exchange live here) We are running into problems with NetApp Single Mailbox Recovery where it is unable to connect to the target … Read more