How to install pfSense in DigitalOcean

Inspired by this post, I’m basically re-creating it with copy/paste commands instead of images of the commands and updating the partitioning portion as I found some steps the original author took are no longer required. Create your droplet Login to your DigitalOcean Dashboard and create a new droplet Select ‘FreeBSD 11.1 x64’ as your droplet … Read more

Palo Alto firewall displays “Session timed out” when you try to login

If you are getting this error message read this article first BEFORE you try to rebooting your firewall. I ran into this problem recently with a Palo Alto PA-200 series firewall. I tried to login via the WebUI and would get the error “Session timed out”. I could SSH into the firewall and the internet … Read more

LifeSize Express 220 dropping calls at 45 seconds on the dot

I recently deployed a LifeSize Express 220 in a school with a Satellite internet connection and a Cisco PIX 515 firewall running 8.0(4).28 and kept running into the strangest problem when making calls. No matter if I was calling out or someone was calling in we’d be able to talk with video or audio only for exactly 45 … Read more