OctoPrint Firmware Updater plugin settings for Creality CR-10 V3

Just wanted to post my settings for this plugin to save others time. I took me a little bit before I found working settings by combing through multiple forums/comment sections.

  • Flash Method: avrdude (Atmel AVR Family)
  • AVR MCU: ATmega2560
  • Path to avrdude: <Your path, you can easily find this by typing “which avrdude”  when logged into your OctoPrint via SSH. If the command is not found run “sudo apt-get install avrdude” to install avrdude then re-run “which avrdude”>
  • AVR Programmer Type: wiring

I left everything else default and am able to load firmware without issue.

Firmware Plugin Settings


I’ve also added some post-flash configuration

These gcodes do the following after a flash:

M502; Factory reset your printer
M851 Z-2.630; Set Z Probe Offset (mine is -2.630mm, yours will likely be different)
M500; Save settings
M501; Load settings


9 thoughts on “OctoPrint Firmware Updater plugin settings for Creality CR-10 V3”

  1. Have you experienced any issues when doing the bed leveling process the probe gets to probe point 16 and fails?

  2. Hi, I understand that v2 and v3 are the same printer except from the DD on the v3. Can I use this settings for my v2? I have also upgrade it to v3 adding DD to it. TAI :)

    • I believe you should be able to use this on a CR-10 V2 if you upgraded to the same direct drive that they put on the V3.

      I do not know if DD’s are universal when it comes to Marlin firmware.

      • Thanks for your answer. Yes is the same. I have updated firmware lots of time with Cura USB but I just started to use it with OctoPrint with wifi. I hate cables and I don’t want to go back to that. I’ll let you know how it turned out :)

      • Hi again, It worked without any issues. And to use avrdude as default, you just need to run it like this: sudo apt-get install avrdude and Y or Yes. By default I mean that you don’t have to do anything else. Thats it.

        I strongly recommend you guys to first install ‘Marlin EEPROM Editor’ https://plugins.octoprint.org/plugins/eeprom_marlin/ to be able to back up your printer settings, in case some goes wrong and you want/need to restore it. (I haven’t restore any yet. Hope i never will)

        Thanks a lot @Eric.


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