Importing a OVF exported from vCloud into VMware Workstation fails

We’re backing out of a vCloud provider and trying to drag our VMs back into our local vSphere cluster.

I’ve used ovftool to export our VMs from vCloud into OVF templates. I then import the OVF into VMware Workstation 14 and from there drag/drop the VM into our vSphere cluster. There is likely a way to get the ovftool to export in a format that will work directly with vSphere but since this is working I’m just going with it.

This process worked fine on all of our VMs until I got to a group of them that had access to an extra network in vCloud. When trying to import these VMs into VMware Workstation I get the following error:

The source contains more than one network. This target supports at most one network.

I cracked open the ovf file in a text editor and found this near the very top:

In here you can see two networks, “myorg-it-pa-protected” and “server-net” on Line 3 and 6

The networking configuration doesn’t really matter to me since it doesn’t match with our vSphere deployment all I want to do is get these VMs imported. I’ll edit their networking afterwards.

I ended up deleting “myorg-it-pa-protected” by taking out lines 6-8 and lines 29-45. I then save/closed the OVF file and ran it through a hashing app to get the files SHA256 value.

I then opened the .mf file that sits in the same directory as the OVF file and updated the SHA256 entry for the OVF file. I was then able to import my VMs into VMware Workstation.

On Mac/Linux you can use “sha256sum <filename>” to get the SHA256 value of the edited OVF file. On Windows I use tools like HashTab and HashCalc OR if you have the Linux Subsystem installed on Windows 10 you can just use “sha256sum <filename>”.

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