NetApp SnapManager for Hyper-V won’t install because KB2263829 isn’t installed

I’m deploying a new Hyper-V cluster on Windows Server 2008 R2 with SP1 and trying to install NetApp SnapManager for Hyper-V 1.1.

As part of the installation pre-requisites NetApp wants you to install the following KBs:

  • KB2406705
  • KB2531907
  • KB2263829
  • KB2494016
  • KB2637197
  • KB2517329

Some of these KBs have been replaced with newer ones if you’ve already run Windows Updates on your system before getting to this list of pre-reqs. For the most part that seems fine with one exception.

KB2263829 is now obsolete (or at least in my deployment it was) and would not install telling me “The update is not applicable to your computer.”

A uninstall and re-install of the Hyper-V role still would not allow me to install¬†KB2263829 and because it wasn’t installed SnapManager for Hyper-V won’t install complaining the hotfix is missing.

I called up NetApp and was told to call Microsoft to find out why the hotfix won’t install. They didn’t seem to like my explanation that the hotfix seemed to be obsolete now. A bit of Googling turned up this discussion thread:¬†

The short answer is that the problem should be resolved in SnapManager for Hyper-V 1.2. In the mean time you can install¬†KB2586470 on your Hyper-V server and then SnapManager for Hyper-V will install… or I guess you could use non-SP1 media for your Server 2008 R2 deployment and make sure you get KB2263829 installed before running Windows Updates.

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