How to rename SnapMirror Target volumes on a NetApp

Someone not following your naming convention? We’ve got two filers (netapp1 and netapp2) and I want to rename a SnapMirror target to follow our new naming convention. We’re going to prefix the volume ‘sampleTarget’ with ‘st_’ to designate it as a SnapMirror Target.

1. Login to the NetApp via SSH that has the SnapMirror Target

2. Open the ‘etc$’ share on the NetApp that has the SnapMirror Target (\\<FILER>\etc$)

3. Open ‘snapmirror.conf’ on the ‘etc$’ share in Notepad

4. Run ‘snapmirror status’ and make sure no mirror operations are currently running

netapp2> snapmirror status

Snapmirror is on.
Source                           Destination                      State          Lag        Status
netapp1:sampleTarget             netapp2:sampleTarget             Snapmirrored   00:06:42   Idle

5. Run ‘snapmirror off’ to disable SnapMirror

netapp2> snapmirror off

6. Rename the volume

netapp2> vol rename <ORIGINAL NAME> <NEW NAME>

netapp2> vol rename sampleTarget st_sampleTaget

7. In the ‘snapmirror.conf’ file update the configuration to reflect the rename you just performed

8. Save and close ‘snapmirror.conf’

9. Restart SnapMirror

netapp2> snapmirror on

10. Manually update the SnapMirror to verify it’s working

netapp2> snapmirror update <TARGET>

netapp2> snapmirror update netapp2:st_sampleTarget
netapp2> snapmirror status

Snapmirror is on.
Source                           Destination                      State          Lag        Status
netapp1:sampleTarget             netapp2:st_sampleTarget          Snapmirrored   00:00:02   Idle

11. If you backup your SnapMirror volumes using NDMP you’ll need to update your backup jobs to reflect the new volume name

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