How to rename SnapMirror Target volumes on a NetApp

Someone not following your naming convention? We’ve got two filers (netapp1 and netapp2) and I want to rename a SnapMirror target to follow our new naming convention. We’re going to prefix the volume ‘sampleTarget’ with ‘st_’ to designate it as a SnapMirror Target.

1. Login to the NetApp via SSH that has the SnapMirror Target

2. Open the ‘etc$’ share on the NetApp that has the SnapMirror Target (\\<FILER>\etc$)

3. Open ‘snapmirror.conf’ on the ‘etc$’ share in Notepad

4. Run ‘snapmirror status’ and make sure no mirror operations are currently running

5. Run ‘snapmirror off’ to disable SnapMirror

6. Rename the volume

7. In the ‘snapmirror.conf’ file update the configuration to reflect the rename you just performed

8. Save and close ‘snapmirror.conf’

9. Restart SnapMirror

10. Manually update the SnapMirror to verify it’s working

11. If you backup your SnapMirror volumes using NDMP you’ll need to update your backup jobs to reflect the new volume name

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