How to migrate the root volume on a NetApp

Need to switch your root volume (vol0) to a different aggregate on a NetApp?

I performed the following on a NetApp FAS2020 running Data OnTap

WARNING: IF DONE INCORRECTLY THIS COULD RESULT IN YOUR NETAPP BEING UNABLE TO BOOT. PROCEED ARE YOUR OWN RISK. You may want to consider speaking with NetApp directly instead of following these instructions. They can be reached at 1-888-463-8277 if you are in Canada or the United States.

1.    Determine the current size of vol0

2.    Create a new vol0 of the same size on the new aggregate

3.    Verify NDMP is running on the NetApp

4.    NDMP copy the contents of the original vol0 to the new vol0new

5.    Set the new vol0 as the root for the filer

6.    Reboot the filer

7.    Verify that vol0new is the root volume and the NetApp booted off it

Verify that vol0new’s options start with “root, diskroot,” and that vol0 does not

8.    Offline the old root volume (vol0)

9.    Destroy the old root volume (vol0)

10.    Rename the new vol0new to vol0

11.    Verify the rename took

2 thoughts on “How to migrate the root volume on a NetApp

  1. Thanks.  This really helped a lot and made the root volume migration an easy step.


    One thing of note is that after the migration, OnCommand System Manager will most likely receive an “Error 500 – Connection refused”.

    To fix this, you need to redo the SSL signing by performing the following steps from the CLI:

    secureadmin setup ssl

    secureadmin enable ssl

    Once this is done everything should be good.

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