Some users cannot login to new NPS based VPN server

Our environment previous used a Windows 2003 Server running RAS to offer our employees VPN. This server went away for multiple reasons and we built a brand new 2012 R2 server running NPS and RAS. Since switching over we’ve had a few employees unable to login to the new VPN server. They keep getting “Invalid … Read more

DFS not working properly over VPN for personal computers

We recently switched to a new VPN server after Mac OS dropped support for PPTP and because we were way overdue to do it anyway. Since then personal computers were unable to access network shares via DFS. They could go directly to the file server and that would work. Users who connected to VPN with … Read more

Networking randomly dies on a 2012 R2 vSphere VM

Strange issue. Simple solution. We had a Windows Server 2012 R2 Domain Controller sitting on vSphere 5.5 (2068190) which would randomly lose it’s network connection. When you logged into the system locally the network interface appeared to be up but you could not connect to anything outside of the VM. If I rebooted the VM … Read more

Palo Alto firewall displays “Session timed out” when you try to login

If you are getting this error message read this article first BEFORE you try to rebooting your firewall. I ran into this problem recently with a Palo Alto PA-200 series firewall. I tried to login via the WebUI and would get the error “Session timed out”. I could SSH into the firewall and the internet … Read more