Datastores not listed after deploying VMware Replication Appliance

Just did a fresh deployment of the VRM 6.5.1 appliance into vCenter 6.5.1u1 which controls our vSphere 5.5 hosts.

Installation and configuration went smoothly but when I went to setup a test replication for a VM I could not complete the setup because none of my datastores were being listed.

A reboot of vCenter did not help.

Restarting the VRM service via the appliances WebUI fixed the problem. A reboot of the appliance would have also probably worked.

You can restart the service via: https://<APPLIANCE FQDN>:5480/

  1. Click ‘Configuration’ under the ‘VM’ page
  2. Click ‘Restart’ at the bottom

Pretty straight forward solution but I didn’t find this in the first few pages of Google results. Might save someone else a bunch of troubleshooting.

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