How to upgrade Gitlab 5.4 to 6.0 on CentOS 6 or RHEL6

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The upgrade instructions found on Gitlab’s official website are what I followed to upgrade my installation of Gitlab.

The only alterations I’ve made are to match my unique configuration from earlier articles on this website.

If you haven’t already upgrade your Gitlab to 5.4 before proceeding with these instructions. I never wrote a 5.2 -> 5.3 or a 5.3 -> 5.4 upgrade guide. The procedure was fairly straight forward and I just followed the official documents offered by Gitlab and referred to my earlier upgrade posts for 5.0 -> 5.1 and 5.1 -> 5.2.

1. Backup all of your Gitlab Data first. I ran these commands but ended up with an error. I run other separate backups so I wasn’t concerned. You may have better luck.


2. Switch back to root and install a missing dependency and shutdown Gitlab and then switch back to sa_gitlab


3. Download the latest code


4. Update Gitlab Shell


5. Update Gitlab


6. Backup your old configuration files


7. Create new configuration files


8. Update the init script


9. Start-up Gitlab 6!


That’s it!