Powershell script to report on total send/received e-mails in Exchange v2.0

An updated and improved version of my old script from here. This script has been tested against Exchange 2016 CU4. I do not know if it will work against older versions of Exchange. The script can be configured to run as a scheduled task and it generates a e-mail report of users who have sent … Read more

Error 500 when downloading/accessing OAB in Exchange 2016

We’ve just finished migrating all of our users from a legacy AD forest with Exchange 2010 into a whole new AD forest with Exchange 2016. During the initial deployment of Exchange 2016 a new mailbox store was created, the existing system mailboxes were migrated (mailbox move) to the new store and the default Exchange 2016 … Read more

Powershell script to monitor mount points in Windows and e-mail an alert

Simple script inspired by this blog post. This script will read a servers.txt file located in the same directory as the script, check each server listed (one per line, use the servers FQDN) for mount points, see how much free space is available, compare it to a minimum amount you set and then e-mail an … Read more

Powershell: Script to notify when users change their passwords

We’re about to start a domain migration due to some applications we have tied into Active Directory and that we are taking a phased approach to migrating we have to have user objects active in the new domain while users are still logging into the old domain. We’ve disabled password expiry during the migration and … Read more

Unable to use grep to search logfiles output from Powershell scripts

I recently had to do some PowerShell work on a Windows server which outputted some log files for later review using the “Start-Transcript” function. Later I went to review the logs looking for some specific information. I transferred them to my CentOS 5 Dev system to begin analyzing them with grep. Every time I ran … Read more