Symantec Backup Exec RALUS crashes on CentOS 7

We just deployed our first CentOS 7 machine and are trying to back it up using Backup Exec 2010 R3 and the RALUS agent.

After installing the missing compatibility libraries needed for the RALUS:

the agent installs and starts but once the Media Server connects to it the agent crashes.

Some log digging came up with this from /var/log/messages:

and running the agent in debug mode shows this:


I’ve opened a case with Symantec and their answer was that CentOS isn’t supported and neither is RHEL7.

Anyone else running into this? Have you fixed it?

I found a blog post where someone suggested hex editing the beremote binary which I’d rather not do. Plus our version of the agent is newer than the one he describes in his post: